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Engaging Norova

The Norova Guarantee

Norova guarantees the quality of our work. Of course, this doesn't obviate the need for interviews, preliminary discussions, and appropriate due diligence if you are considering engaging Norova. However, the guarantee does help to mitigate some of the impacts in the event that the engagement is not successful. The Norova guarantee is not complicated or filled with caveats. Basically, if for any reason you are not satisfied Norova will, at no additional cost to you, attempt to address the issues that you have identified. If, after a reasonable effort, we are not able to satisfy you Norova will refund 1/2 of the consulting fees related to the relevant activities of the engagement.

Defining the Engagement

While it is important that you and your team have developed some preliminary ideas about the support that is required before we start the engagement process. There is no need to spend a lot of time trying to be task specific. Focus on the goals and objectives. The tasks will evolve through both the engagement process and as the work is performed. The key requirement is that we agree that Norova can effectively provide the support that is required and that we trust each other enough to let the tasks unfold as we work towards the goals / objectives.

Consulting Rates and Billing

It is important to Norova that you are satisfied with Norova's efforts and that you are never surprised by an invoice or its content. Time spent resolving disputes distracts you and your team from other critical activities. Norova's rate structure is designed to minimize billing disputes and to eliminate the billing concerns that often arise from hourly or sub-hourly billing. Moreover, Norova's rate structure provides two distinct advantages to your company. The first is that a full day is defined as from 8 to 24 hours. The second is that the minimum billing increment is 1/4 day (2 hours) with no charge until at least 2 hours have accrued in a 24 hour period. This means that you never get over-billed for those long days that are sometimes required and you don't have to worry about getting billed for a few phone calls or a reply to an email.

Consulting / Confidentiality Agreements

The Norova Consulting Agreement has been refined over several previous engagements. It has proven to be effective while not being overly complicated. The Norova Consulting Agreement also includes confidentiality provisions. If your company already has a management services agreement and/or a confidentiality agreement Norova will work with you to implement your agreement(s) for the engagement. If you are with a large company you may have to utilize standard corporate agreements or contracts and processes. Norova has worked with several large companies and will effectively work through any issues related to these types of agreements with your contracting manager.


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