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Project Planning and Recovery

For new high technology projects Norova works with the management team to develop a cross-organizational project plan that also provides a framework and processes for reacting to and managing the inevitable plan changes that will be required as the project progresses. Effective management of a complex high technology development project can be, and often is, a significant challenge for any organization. High technology projects typically involve a great deal of organizational learning and because of this it is very difficult to accurately predict project duration and product capabilities. On the other hand, the organization needs to make and manage commitments. Resolving and managing this dichotomy is the critical challenge that the organization must address. This challenge is especially difficult to address when the project spans several organizations and/or locations. Moreover, if the project is in trouble it is very hard to manage the issues rather than simply react to them. In these cases, Norova works with the organization to develop an integrated recovery plan and processes for effective cross-organizational management of the dichotomy between an evolving project and critical organizational commitments. The recovery plan that Norova develops for the client increases everyone's visibility into the project, stabilizes commitments, and enables problems to be identified and addressed by the organization before they become critical. In some cases a project has so many issues that an overall restructuring may be required. In these situations, Norova provides the executive management team with an unbiased "outside" view of the state of the project and develops approaches for resolving the issues and stabilizing the project. In addition, Norova will provide effective interim project management during the restructuring of the project and/or the organization if required.


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